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“I’ve been a part of the Thrive family since May of 2016. In that time I’ve lost over 50lbs and discovered a love for fitness and nutrition that I never knew I possessed. Walking through those doors is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

“I was never really athletic before joining. When I first started I had to scale literally everything, but I never worried about what I couldn’t do because Abby and the entire coaching team at Thrive are phenomenal at what they do. They will always have a plan for you to get a great workout in appropriate to your skill level. The community here is incredible and everybody is always so encouraging. Everybody starts somewhere and it’s really fun to see so much progress over time, in ourselves and others. Almost 5 years in I’m stronger than I ever thought I would be, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll keep getting stronger with Abby and the Thrive family behind me.”


“I can remember walking into Thrive like it was yesterday. I was intimidated, nervous about not knowing anyone, and terrified over starting a workout regimen that I had never experienced before.”

“At that point I was about 215 pounds, devastated with the road I was heading down, and all I knew was that I needed help. I spent an hour one on one with Coach Abby and was embarrassed that I could barely do a sit up. At the end of that hour, the class that was taking place was also getting done. As I struggled through those last sit ups, a few members from class gathered around me and cheered me on the remainder of my session. It blew me away that complete strangers came up to me to encourage me! The experience I had in that hour was all I needed to know that was where I was meant to be. The group of people at Hideout are not just people that go to a gym, they quickly became family and my biggest supporters. There is no better feeling than knowing you have a group of people beside you with the same goals, that are willing to hold you accountable and push you to not only reach goals but continue to set new ones. There was a lot of things I struggled to do in the beginning but there were always modifications to help me through the workout. After about two years of being a member I rarely have to modify and I’m capable of doing things like double unders and rope climbs which I would have never imagined doing before. I’ve also learned the importance of food and how significant it is to eat enough and eat the right things. Since becoming part of Thrive’s family, I’ve lost about 50 pounds, bettered myself physically and mentally, learned healthy eating habits, met so many amazing people and so much more. I’m grateful that I chose to step out of my comfort zone that day because I was able to find the best version of myself and learn how to love the person I see in the mirror. My weight loss journey is one thing I am most proud of in life and an experience I hope people won’t think twice to take if they get the chance and urge to better themselves. It isn’t easy but it is definitely worth it!”


“My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner! Amazing coaches that are motivating and never intimidating. The members are friendly and fun to be around, which makes the workouts even more enjoyable.”

“I highly recommend to anyone looking to step outside of their comfort zone, all of the workouts can be tailored to your level.”



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